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Hi everyone! This site is a place to discuss whatever’s on your mind concerning the world around us. Share your thoughts and ideas with everyone. Don’t worry if your topic doesn’t fit into any one category perfectly. We’re flexible.

Why GJB (or Garbage-Juice) ? It comes from an inside joke at work describing all that is wrong with the world as “garbage juice”.

Well, I think you get the point. Be open, be honest, and always try to be courteous and fair. Thanks!

This site is the parent for my chat forum:


You can sign in with your “talk” credentials if you’ve already signed up there. Otherwise you can also join us here by signing up. Signing up is only required for interacting and posting. You’re free to simply browse anonymously as well.

I’m a guy trying to establish a community of people who just come by to shoot the shit. Everywhere you read about starting your own website or blog says that to build an audience, you need to find and address a certain need among a group of similar minded people. I don’t wish to be people’s answer though. I’m not looking to preach, teach, direct, or what have you. I just want to socialize online, debate the issues, discuss pretty much anything we, the users want and keep it casual in the process.

I’m a tech enthusiast and so this site is a pet project of mine. Come check it out.

Welcome to my domain, Garbage-Juice.com.

Fabian A. Santiago
OpenPGP: 0x643082042DC83E6D94B86C405E3DAA18A1C22D8F
E-mail me directly here.


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Good, stop the madness!

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Thank you ESPN: https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/espn-will-not-broadcast-national-anthem-during-monday-night-football-1202909052/ Deflate it like their balls.... -- Fabian A. Santiago OpenPGP: 0x643082042dc83e6d94b86c405e3daa18a1c22d8f (current key) 0x3c3fa072accb7ac5db0f723455502b0eeb9070fc (to be retired [...]

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