This phone is Essential

//This phone is Essential

This phone is Essential

The Essential phone, the PH-1. A brand new phone by the inventor of Android himself, Andy Rubin. This phone has all the latest flagship phone specs, at a fraction of the price. Check out the phone here:

This phone looks awesome on paper. Reviewers seem to love it. EXCEPT, upon its initial release it apparently had a camera app issue which caused it to constantly crash (the phone app primarily). They have since fixed it and the phone operates wonderfully now I’ve heard but sadly, the damage is done. It’s a new phone, from an independent maker, only officially launched in partnership with Sprint (which as a cell carrier leaves a little something to be desired), and can be had unlocked as well. But due to all of this, it is left in a vulnerable state. Since it didn’t come out swinging from the gate in PERFECT working order, no one will trust it. People would rather spend $1000 on a phone from a trusted and proven maker such as Apple, Samsung, Google, and what not.

Apparently they’ve only sold several thousand units, and no one will make a case for it due to its limited audience. This makes me sad because it really is a beautiful phone. I bet it could stand toe to toe with iPhone or Pixel phones, easily. And did I mention its modular design? Oh yes, the phone has a magnetic dock for accessories. They’re currently selling their own 360 degree camera attachment. That’s awesome! In time, God willing, they’ll be able to offer a range of accessories that attach to it (the phone) to give you great functionality that you can mix and match with. Remember Google’s shuttered Project Ara?

This had the promise of a truly customizable and modular phone design which held such promise but unfortunately, turned out to be too difficult for Google to make reliable, sturdy enough, and cost effective. The idea also currently lives on in limited fashion with the Moto Z:

The Essential Phone carries this belief forward and is a fine interpretation of it. Please everyone, give them a 2nd chance and check it out. I personally own a Google Pixel 2 and have owned many iPhones as well. But if I hadn’t already invested in the Pixel line, this phone would have been overly too compelling. Give it a shot!

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