Let’s disrupt a big industry together!

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Haha, have you seen these ads on Facebook and elsewhere?


Or even

?? Everquote!

What are they? They’re basically just a glorified search engine for car insurance. Disrupting? Not sure. I tried it out.

Typed in all my info, hit go and got back a list of providers that service my area.  But no quotes. All I saw was a list of links to click on the providers, WHO ASKED ME TO PROVIDE THE SAME INFO ALL OVER AGAIN. What the what?

What’s the point? Seems to me they’re likely just grabbing your data, that you could have simply given direct to providers you shopped yourself and probably monetizing it. If you care about your information being marketed and sold to anyone out there, take caution. Just shop for your own insurance.

No link provided. Google it yourself if you see fit. They don’t offer discounts or savings of any kind. You’ve been warned.