Kids hate pills

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Does your kid have the flu? Time is of the essence and the sooner you can get tamiflu in them, the better job it does at reducing the symptoms and severity.

You run to the doctor, you rush through the pharmacy and you get home and damn, you got pills instead of the oral suspension. And your kid CAN’T STAND pills. You don’t want to drag your kids back out again.

In times of high flu incidence when stock of tamiflu runs low, pharmacists are allowed to compound tamiflu pills into an oral suspension to help everyone out. And you can do it too, anytime you wish.

CAREFUL THIS IS SPECIFIC TO TAMIFLU. Check with your doctor about any other drugs.

Just pop open the tamiflu capsule and mix all of the powder with any thick liquid or pudding to mask the taste. Feed it to your kid. Done.

Feel better!

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